story of my life.
i love them.

the butterflies came, what a feeling.

My Darien Lake m&g experience 

That was just the best meet and greet i’ve ever had okay

I had ultimate VIP so i could get my own picture like..without the group I had.  So i walk up and they all look over and James is like “YOO WHUSSUP SPIDEYY?” cause I was wearing this spiderman shirt and I laughed and was about to say something to him when I hear Logan say “Ooohh Kendalls girl!” and then Logan and Carlos start chanting “KENDALLS GIRL KENDALLS GIRL KENDALLS GIRL!” And I feel Logan’s hand on my shoulder pushing me towards Kendall, and Kendall was like grinning with his arms extended towards me almost like they were trying to get me to hug him or something.. I don’t even know.  But I stepped back to face them and I was like “Wait.. can you guys like.. flex for the picture?” and I kind of held my arm up to demonstrate, who knows why.  But Kendall just freaking looks at me with this huge grin and pulls up his sleeve and flexes infront of me.  Like K thanks kendall I know you have muscles but why.. nevermind i’m not complaining.  But I just laughed and I scootched myself between Logan and Carlos, but Carlos had his arm around me and he was still like leading me over towards Kendall and Kendall was reaching out to me again, almost like they assumed I wanted to be next to him, but he and I looked at eachother and I was like “whaaat” being all confused so I just stayed between Carlos and Logan for the picture.  I saw Kendall flexing out of the corner of me eye but I have no clue what the other boys were doing.. anyway the picture was taken and the guys said bye but as I was walking away towards Kendall he reached his arms out to hug me so we hugged for a good few seconds there and he said “Have fun sweets!” and I said “Thanks you too!” thennnn I walked away and oh loriaskdmlgfogklmawet they’re perfect okay



that awkward moment when I try to switch Niall and Ellen’s faces and they still look like themselves

stop reblogging this before ellen sees it and puts it on her fucking show


No-nose bieber?